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PostSubject: ***RULES OF THE SERVER***   Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:05 pm


1. Respect all players and staff.

2. RDMing is not allowed.

3. CDMing is not allowed. (Cars coming soon!)

4. Killing any trainer or recruit while they are in training is not allowed.

5. This is a serious roleplaying server, FailRP isn't allowed (If the staff says it's failrp, then it is !)

6. If you die, you are considered a new person, you do not know who previously killed you, or where you died.

7. Spamming is not allowed ( Mic spam / Chat spam / shooting spam / light spam e.c.t)

8. FearRP is in effect when you player should be scared; if you have no defense and a player has a gun at you, then you should not tough it out or run off.

9. Respect your superior, not respecting them will be FailRp.

10. Each faction has a list of their Rules Of Engagement (ROE) you must follow if you are a part of said faction.

11. If you require help from a staff member, please use @ chat, do not spam OOC/LOOC/IC chat.

12. Event characters must be approved by an admin+, and must be deleted at the conclusion of the event.

13. Any and all rocket launchers (Matador, RPG, grenade launcher, etc..) can only be used against vehicles( Cars coming soon !)

14. To stole the enemies intelligence, you have to advert beside the enemies intelligence ./advert 10% download to 100% download

15. FearRP/PainRP are obligatory !

Pain RP
Pain RP is when your character gets hurt and he shows his pain, whenever your character gets hurt you must act correctly just like in Real Life, and show your character's pain it by Role-playing actions(/me, /it). If you won't Pain RP when your character gets hurt, it will be considered as Power Gaming. Remember that your character is only a human so you will have to act right for certain situations. Don't forget, that in due time you will have to heal your character's wound(s) by performing Medical Role-play since your wounds might get infected.

Example for how to Pain RP correctly

** James Hale aims at John's Smith left leg and attempts to shoot John Smith's left leg.
** John Smith gets a bullet in his left leg, he falls on the ground and screams from pain.
** James Hale attempts to kick John Smith's head to knock him out.
** John Smith attempts to dodge the kick and to get up.
** James Hale steps back and gets upset.
** John Smith gets up and runs away, he shouts from pain and looks at his bleeding leg.

Example for how to NOT Pain RP correctly with Power Gaming

** James Hale aims at John's Smith left leg and attempts to shoot John Smith's left leg.
** John Smith runs to James Hale and punches his face to knock him down.
** James Hale attempts to dodge the punch and to push John Smith with his rifle.
** John Smith kicks James Hale in his face and punches him again to hit his stomach.
** James Hale attempts to dodge the kick, he turns back and runs away.
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